As in America, so in Poland (because I come from here) there was a prohibition in the 1980s during communism, where it was very difficult to buy any alcohol. The shelves were empty and only with a special food card, it was possible to buy something, and the most people were buying anything, just to exchange later for something needed.


Our history began before this period and it started from my great-grandfather, who was a farmer and had lots of fields and an orchard. We mainly cultivated sugar beets, which nearby sugar factory was buying it from us , and the fruits like apples, pears, grapes, plums. Not always everything was sold and part of the harvest was wasted.

My great-grandfather was a very clever man, and he didn't want to waste products, so he start making alcohol and fruit wines for himself, family and friends (my favourite wine is from rose hips, delicious!). He began to experiment with products that are best suited for fermentation and give the best taste of alcohol. The business goes very well for around 30 years.


Of course, all the local people in the village enjoyed alcohol very much, but the time of communism came, where the state took over private companies and the production of alcohol for their own needs was banned. The state-owned companies were not able to meet the needs of ordinary people, which is why my great-grandfather decided to continue the production of alcohol illegally and only on the local market for trusted people.

In 1989 there was a breakthrough. End of communism and the development of private companies.


Unfortunately, there was another obstacle here, because my great-grandfather declined in health, and my grandfather went in a different direction and there was no one to legalize the distillery and lead it. After 30-year break, my dad took over the business.


And that's how Dark Marina was created, on my 28th birthday. I am the owner, my dad knows all the recipes, and my mother strongly supports us.


We produce naturally flavoured vodka, with natural smell, taste and colour,  that conquers the heart of everyone who has tried it.


And at this moment, I would like to invite you to try our spirits at events, or buy the whole bottle here on our website.


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