19th October 2021

Caramel naturally flavoured vodka Dark Marina.tif

Caramel Vodka

New recipe for our Caramel Vodka!

We got now new recipe, which was tested on The wine and Spirit Show, and everyone love it!

It will be available to buy from 20th of October 2021. It is little bit more sweeter and taste more like caramel.

Still, there is some of old one in stock. If you want to know more, lease contact us directly via our contact form.

10th October 2021

Dark Marina Lottery_edited.jpg


Lottery Start Date: 10th October 2021
Lottery End Date: TBD

You all are welcome to take part in our lottery.
Buy, scratch, win!
Simple and very exciting experience.

Let us know on our social media or via contact form what you win what was your experience.